2 thoughts on “December Holidays, And Finally Moving Soon

  1. Mic says:

    About crowds like that, with my luck we take ten circles around our destination. Around then one of us runs out of patience. And each of us (usually my group’s got 6 people) does their own thing.

    Master Seven X, my closest one, does some stealth tactics.

    Nelly, a girl i’m friends with, kind of panics and runs around.

    Kalma, my friend from business college, doesn’t have to do anything. He’s broad enough to act as a livin currentbreaker.

    Joona, another business college friend, retreats behind Kalma to avoid getting swept away.

    Niko, another business college friend, and an excellent poker player, politely asks for way.

    I just sort of lumber to the destination with my backpack, as the combo of me and my pack resemble Kalma.

    • Tze-Ting Chao says:

      Hahahaha the currentbreakers are awesome, aren’t they? And if they’re tall you don’t tend to lose them out of sight no matter how far away they are (a couple of colleagues of mine are close to 2 meters in height).
      I can usually sneak through crowds by slaloming a lot, but it doesn’t work unless you’re alone…

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