Giveaway: Win €20 In Etsy Credit

Featuring: Tze

Etsy generously provided select shop owners in Germany to hand out gift voucher codes! I was actually given these quite some time ago… *cough* So, instead of the planned “one code a week until Christmas” I’ll be giving these away within the next few days!
Today is Day 1 to try your luck.

Lookie! Ain’t this neat! Thank you, Etsy!

Win €20 in Etsy credit!

You can enter by retweeting my Christmas Tweet or by leaving a comment at my Instagram post…or both.

Win €20 in Etsy credit! Giveaway starts now!


Easter Egg Hunt 2018 Winner Announcement: Lucky Prize!

Featuring: Tze

And the final winner of the Easter Egg Hunt 2018 is…

Here are the winners of the Easter Egg Hunt 2018 on Mêh Blog!

Thank you all so much for participating! I hope you had fun hunting them eggs. In case you were wondering…there were about 70. About. And I thought for sure that it would be too much, but nope…you guys really went for it! O_O Every time I thought “Erk…that’s gotta be it…”, someone else would show up and find ONE more. Dang! I’m impressed!