The Road Trip To Arnhem…And A BOOK GIVEAWAY!

Featuring: Tze, Nynke


…But where’s the giveaway? WHAT’S the giveaway? It is…the newest Mêh Blog book (currently being printed)!

The book will go on sale this week, but I’ll post more details when it arrives. ;)

Want to win a free copy of the book, shipping included? Then answer this question:
How many euros did Nynke and I spend together at this one supermarket?

There will be a guaranteed winner; just guess the closest number.
You can add your answer in the comments, as a comment on the Facebook Fanpage post or tweet it to @xxTze.

Deadline: Thursday December 4th, at midnight (GMT+1). The winner will be announced at the same time as when the books go on sale.

PS: If you’d like an idea of the size of our shopping cart, have a look at my Instagram account.

A short Dutch road trip


Easter Egg Hunt 2014: And The Winners Are…


1. Patrick with 44 eggs
2. + 3. Tine and Uli, joined second with 42 eggs each

Congratulations, well played! :D

And well done to Arthur, Chi-Le and Patrick for finding the “Pink Ribbon” egg…it was hidden in one of the rotating banners!

An e-mail will be sent to the winners soon. Thank you all for participating, and I hope you enjoyed the hunt.

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And for those who were wondering: there were 44 eggs in total (though “Blue Zig Zag” was only an example and didn’t count). :3


Last Day Of The Easter Egg Hunt!

Today’s the last day to count them eggs! Look everywhere, on the different pages on Mêh Blog and in the archives. Dig through old blog posts and find them all!

Full details can be found here:
Mêh Blog Easter Egg Hunt: Win Yummy Chocolate!/

In short:
-The contest deadline is at the end of today
-There can be up to three winners…in fact, scrap that. There will be, because the amount of participants long exceeded that number… XD
-Find AS MANY EGGS AS YOU CAN and send me their names in an e-mail to
-“As many as you can” meaning exactly that. People with the most eggs win. And can I tell you something? No one has found them all yet (but a few were close. So close…)

Have fun hunting!


Mêh Blog Easter Egg Hunt: Win Yummy Chocolate!

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Easter eggs have been hidden all over this blog! Can you find them all?
Try to find as many as you can, and you can win some yummy chocolate!

About the prize:
-The prize is a chocolate bar (100g) covered with Mêh’s favourite toppings:
butter biscuits, mini Smarties and rice crispies. The winner can choose whether it’s white, milk or dark chocolate, and their name will be printed on the wrapping.
-The chocolate will be ordered after the contest ends. It will take about 4 days to be made by chocri. Please note that sending the chocolate overseas (I live in Europe!) may take up to two weeks.
-The chocolate has an expiry date of 5 months after the production date.

How to play:
-Easter Eggs have been hidden throughout the blog. They might be in the blog extras, among blog posts…look for them everywhere!
-Each egg has a unique name. Write it down.
-Send me the eggs you’ve found before the end of April (see exact deadline below) in a mail, to tzeting.chao(at) Just a list of the names will do.
-The person who finds the most eggs wins. There can be a maximum of three winners, including runner ups. If more than three people have the highest amount, names will be drawn randomly.
-Winners will be announced on the site with their (user)name.
-Winners will be contacted by me for their address.

This contest will run until Wednesday 30th of April 2014, ending at 23:59 GMT +1.

Here’s an example of an egg:

“Blue zig zag”


This contest is hosted by myself; chocri has nothing to do with this.