4 thoughts on “Thank You, Printer Hack

  1. Evil Lovecraft says:

    I think sometimes, Ink-Jet Printers are made by the Devil himself. If one of the colors is empty, you can’t scan or prnt in BW. And the colors go always empty, when you need to print or scan urgently D:

    • Tze says:

      Ofcourse a prepared person will never encounter such a problem… but it really does seem like the printer always works when it’s not really important until something life threatening comes up. XD

  2. Patrick says:

    Ha ha ha, geweldig. 

    WRAAK, WRAAK op die ellendige apparaten die niet doen wat jij wilt. Hoewel mijn apparaten zich niet à la HAL of jouw scanner verbaal verzetten tegen mijn wraakacties. 

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